Booking Terms

By booking with us you agree to the following rules:

Check-in is from 3PM. We're flexible, but the housekeeping staff need time to clean the rooms!
Guests must fill out a check-in form and must present a valid government-issued ID.
You may pay for your stay at any point during your stay, up until check-out. You can pay in UGX or USD, and we accept Visa and Mastercard in both currencies. All dollar bills must be 2006 or later, unmarked and not torn. We accept small bills at the same rate as big ones.
You are responsible for your key, and we may charge a $10 replacement fee for lost or broken keys.
If you need to change your booking during your stay please notify us before checkout time (10am) or you may be liable to pay for the night.
Secure parking is available on-site and is free for guests, but spaces are limited. Please let us know if you're bringing a car and we will book you a space.
While children are allowed to stay at the hostel, we must remind all guests that this is an adult-oriented business.
We are not a very accessible hostel for wheelchairs and other disability aids. This is down to the design of the building, which was built with no consideration of this. However our staff will do their best to be helpful to all guests at all times, and generally it works well.
Guests are advised to lock the door of their room when going out/going to bed. There are no lockers in the dormitories at present, but valuable belongings can be stored in the safe at the reception. The Management will not in any way whatsoever be responsible for any loss or damage to any guest's belongings or any other property from either rooms or any other part of the Hostel for any cause whatsoever including theft.
In shared rooms guests may only use one set of bedding per person. You can ask for extra blankets or linens at the reception free of charge. During longer stays we change the beds regularly.
You can rent a towel for UGX 4,000 ($1.00) at the reception.
Reception shift-change takes place between 8AM and 8.15AM, and again between 5PM and 5.15PM - we kindly ask you to be patient during this period.
This is not a party hostel- we wish we had more space for people to make noise but we don't! Please keep voices and other noises down after 11pm. If you want to stay up late, we recommend setting up in the garden (ask at the reception for chairs) or the reception can advise on places to go to so that the fun may go on – elsewhere, without causing inconvenience to others.
There is STRICTLY NO SMOKING in any of the hostel rooms, without exception. Please use the balconies, verandahs, terraces, garden, bar or parking lot, and be conscious that on the whole Uganda is not very smoker-friendly, so please be mindful of your surroundings and try not to annoy people.
Don’t leave your room in chaos at check-out. The rooms are monitored and if we find damage or unnecessary mess, we may be obliged to charge an addition fee for cleaning or repair. The guest will be held responsible for any loss or damage to the hostel property caused by themselves, their guests or any person for whom they are responsible.
It is agreed that the guest will conduct him/herself in a respectable manner and will not cause any nuisance or annoyance within the hostel premise.
Check out time is 10 AM.
Extensions may be granted depending on availability.
Subject to availability of storage space, guests may store luggage in the luggage room. We do not accept any responsibility for lost or damaged luggage.
The management reserves the right of admission.
On failure of the guest to vacate any room after check-out time, the management shall have the right to remove the guest and/or his/her belongings from the room occupied by the guest.
The Management has the right to request any Guest to vacate his/her room or other areas of the Hostel forthwith without previous notice and with no refund or compensation in case of any breach of property rules or policies.